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The energy and determination of the HEAT Oregon staff, along with your donations, is what keeps HEAT Oregon in the hearts and minds of the community. If you get a chance, send us an email at info@HEATOregon.org explaining what HEAT Oregon means to you. We would appreciate hearing from you!

Brian Allbritton
Executive Director
Email: brian@heatoregon.org
Phone: (503) 612-6300

Marietta Doney
Deputy Director
Email: marietta.doney@heatoregon.org
Phone: (503) 612-6300

Ruth Scott
Interim Development Director
Email: ruth.scott@heatoregon.org
Phone: (503) 612-6300

Rose Gerber
Business, Development, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Email: rose.gerber@heatoregon.org
Phone: (503) 612-6300

Jessica Chambers
Program Services Coordinator 
Email: jessica.chambers@heatoregon.org
Phone: (503) 612-6300

Shannon Coffman
Administrative Data Specialist
Email: shannon.coffman@heatoregon.org
Phone: (503) 612-6300

Main Line: (503) 612-6300
Email: info@heatoregon.org



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