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FAQs Commercial Oil Donations

Who can I contact about donating my used oil?
Please contact us at 503.612.6300, or info@HEATOregon.org

Does Oregon HEAT pick up my used oil?
No, we work with DEQ-approved oil recycling companies to handle the used oil collection for our program. HEAT Oregon or the families we serve never come into contact with the used oil that is collected. We currently work with  Oil Re-Refining Company (ORRCO)  as recycling partner for our program. 

Does it cost anything to participate?
Depending on economic factors, there may be fees for pick up and testing of oil. Therefore we encourage our donors to call for a pick up when they have accumulated more than 200 gallons. Please contact HEAT Oregon at 503-612-6300 or info@HEATOregon.org for more details.

Are there any minimum quantities?
Our recycling partner will pick up quantities ranging from 55 gallons and up. Please be aware there may be a charge for quantities of less than 200 gallons. If possible, try accumulating 200+ gallons before calling for a pick-up to avoid a service charge from our recycling partners.

How often is my oil collected?
We will work with you to determine the timing that you require. We work with donors that have their oil picked up each month, others only twice per year, and many frequencies in between. We also work with many donors that heat with their oil in the winter and donate their unneeded surplus oil in the summer. The bottome line is that we are flexible and can tailor the program to meet your needs.

What about antifreeze & oil filters?
Our recycling partners offer several other optional paid services, including antifreeze pick up and supply, oil filter recycling, and more. We can get you in touch with a sales representative to provide further information on ancillary services offered if you are interested.

Who gets help from this program?
The funds raised from your used oil go back into your county to help families facing hardships and are in crisis with their energy bills. These funds are considered “fuel-blind” which means they can be used to help with any type of energy source; electricity, natural gas, heating oil, wood, propane, etc. These are the most flexible types of funds we can use and one reason your donation is so valuable.

What will my business or organization get from participating in the program?
Your business or organization can realize many great benefits from donating your used oil to the program. First and foremost, families in your community will receive emergency help in the winter with their heating bill. This has the added benefit of allowing them to be able to purchase other goods and services from within the community, and your employees will feel great knowing they are making a difference in their neighbors' lives. Second, HEAT Oregon will send you a letter each quarter detailing your used oil donations; you can use this letter for tax purposes if applicable to your business situation. Finally, you will have a great story to share with your customers and community. We try to promote our Oil Program donors as much as we can so everyone knows about the great thing you are doing. We can also provide you with materials to share on your website or at your facility to let everyone know about your participation.

Do you give the donated oil to families so they can burn it for heat?
No. Our recycling partners pay us for the salvage value of the used oil. We take these funds and use them for emergency energy assistance; HEAT Oregon and the families we serve never come into contact with the used oil itself.

What kind of oil can you accept for donation?
We accept many kinds of petroleum-based used oil for the program. Examples include: used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, gear & lube oil, and transmission fluid. Both synthetic and conventional oil is fine. Please note we do not accept food-grade oils such as used fryer grease.

Where can I find a list of the businesses and organizations that already participate in the Oil Recycling Program?
You can find a list of Oil Program participants on our website here.

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